IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Quarterly, 3Q 2015 - IBM

The IBM X-Force report this quarter opens with a discussion of ransomware. The media tends to cover data breaches more often than ransomware incidents, but ransomware presents a growing threat.

The FBI estimates that just one ransomware threat, CryptoWall, has so far netted its operators about USD18 million.1 Even law enforcement organizations have fallen victim.2

As the sophistication of the threats and attackers grows, so does the targeting of their operations, to the extent that some attackers specialize in ransoming the local data les of popular online games. The evolution of these threats follows a pattern we have seen before, becoming more available to more attackers. Already, “ransomware as a service” offerings have started to appear, just as exploit kits before them provide “infection as a service.” The IBM® X-Force® team suspects that this may be the beginning of a long battle for all of us. 

In the report:

  • Ransomware as a Service

  • The Dark Web

  • Controlling the use of Tor in corporate networks

  • Vulnerability disclosures in the first half of 2015

Download the report here