Latest Security Breaches - July 2015


The US Office of Personnel Management OPM (+20 Million)

White House officials are under fire over a new hack attack that exposed financial information of 20+ million of current and former federal employees.

The Office of Personnel Management will begin notifying up to 20 million current and former federal employees who might be affected by the attack. The breached data could include credit card information, bank records and Social Security records.

OPM conducts the vast majority of federal background investigations, which raises another question: Were detailed background forms also accessed by hackers? Officials said that's another thing under investigation.

Internet Service Providers

iiNet - Australian web provider iiNet in possible database hacking

Security Vendors

Hacking Team - The Hacking Contractor, Gets Hacked

A company that specialises in selling software allowing governments to hack into computers has itself been hacked, and files posted late Sunday appear to show it sold surveillance technology to dozens of countries, including Sudan, Egypt, Russia and the U.S.

The Italian company, Hacking Team, has made waves for offering its surveillance tools to law enforcement around the world. The company’s techniques are often found in “malware,” more commonly associated with criminals trying to steal people’s information. The company says these tools enable investigators to get information from suspects even if those people use encryption to protect their communications.