Do you have a trusted and experienced security partner?  

While cyber-attacks continually on the increase, the result and the impact for businesses and government is the same - an erosion of trust, reputation and ultimately financial loss.

Our Penetration Testers will assist you in detecting exploitable vulnerabilities and provide you with remediation recommendations to prevent unauthorised access to your critical IT Systems, to help fight back and help improve your overall security posture.

Security Partner

We have been conducting penetration tests since 2005 and as a leading security company, we understand that selecting the right information security partner is critical to protecting your organisation.

Our customers are some of the largest security conscious government, local and global ASX 100 listed businesses across multiple sectors.

Over the years we have helped identify thousands of vulnerabilities across all our clients, provided remediation advice and helped clients develop and implement sound secure practices across their organisation.

When selecting a penetration testing partner, key questions which need to be asked include - 

  • Who is the individual is that is assigned to your project?
  • What will the final output look like and will it meet your needs?
  • What assurance is there around the internal security practices within the chosen security partner?

We will always provide you with the professional details of our team members who will be on your engagement along with their relevant experience. In addition, we will always provide you with sample deliverables so you can ensure the content and format are relevant for your project. 

Our principal security experts have security clearances to the Highly Protected level under the Australian Government Attorney-General's Department security classifications which gives you peace of mind over who you are trusting with your sensitive security information.


Our penetration tests involves the application of tried and true hacking methodologies, the use of enterprise level automated scanning tools, in-house scripts and manual testing techniques to identify exploitable vulnerabilities which allows unauthorised access to your critical information systems. We will always to be happy to talk you through our processes.


Our reports outline in detail the vulnerabilities detected along with actionable recommendations to assist you remediate and secure your environment based on the latest industry best practices. 


Our understanding and application of these fundamentals is why we are the trusted security partners of some of Australia's most security conscious companies.

Built on capabilities, expertise and our partnership with IBM, government and industry representative bodies, we continually strive to deliver new innovative defenses to assist our partners and customers fight cyber-crime and are committed to exceeding your expectations on every engagement.

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