Are you passionate about application development and security?

We certainly are

Given the increased importance software applications have in our lives and their role in our modern society, we understand the impact a security breach can have on an organisations ability to be able to do business as well as the increased importance trust plays when customers decide who to do business with.

With a strong background in application development, our security team work closely with our customers to help improve the security of their applications as well as design, develop, test and maintain the security of applications in all phases of the software development life cycle. 

Our Services

Dynamic Application Security Testing - Automated

Together with IBM Security AppScan, our IBM certified consultants have the knowledge and expertise to assess web application code for security vulnerabilities.

Our consultants test hundreds of web applications thanks to automated tools and techniques from IBM and coupled with their own expertise, application development history and capabilities.


Static Application Security Testing - Automated 

Backed by the latest tools from IBM, our consultants utilise IBM Security AppScan Source to assess your applications source code, byte code or even application binaries for security vulnerabilities that could lead to loss of business, customer data or intellectual property.

Our IBM certified consultants together with tools and techniques from IBM can guide your developers to identify security weaknesses line-by-line within your source code at a fraction of the time and cost to perform the same comprehensive review manually.

MANUAL Application Security Testing 

Our consultant’s rich history, expertise and capabilities in manual application security assessments deliver the technical depth and customer presentation rarely seen in the marketplace. 

Thank you for running the 6 Security Essentials Developer Course. It was very informative session and led to good thoughtful discussions. There are few practices I see that we can start applying immediately.
— Lead Developer, Water Utility Government Organisation

Developer Security Training - The 6 Security ESSENTIALS

Instructor-led courses from Dragonfly can empower your staff with knowledge that can be immediately applied to your processes.

The 6 Security Essentials Developers Need to Know is a one-day course that gives your staff the tools and techniques they need to design, build and implement secure software regardless of the size of your organisation.

NSW Government ICT Service Scheme

We have been a customer of Dragonfly for over two years. During this time we have had efficient, customer focused service. Dragonfly continually exceeds our expectations with regard to the timely delivery of quality products. One of their key strengths is attention to detail based on careful consideration of projects tasked to them...
— General Manager Global Healthcare Provider