As organisations look to embrace digital transformation and shift to becoming the modern enterprise they are challenged with how and where to start. In today’s world, technology underpins an organisations journey to transforming and is pivotal in the success and growth of the modern enterprise. Simply having a vision and strategy is no longer enough we need to shift the needle and move technology to become mainstream within organisation and ensure that both technology and cyber strategy work hand in glove.

Dragonfly’s Advisory and Consulting Group works with your organisation to help create, shape and align your technology and cyber strategy with business objectives. Our Belief is that technology and cyber does right becomes a core enabler to achieve both strategic and operations outcomes. We have a highly skilled group of advisors and consultants who have real world practical experience across executive advisory, enterprise architecture, design and implementation to ensure that strategies transform to achievable and executable outcomes. 

Dragonfly provide a broad range of services across both our advisory and consulting group to help modern enterprises embrace in today’s modern world:

Technology and Cyber Advisory

  • Technology strategy and governance

  • Cyber Security strategy and governance

  • IT Operating model

  • IT Sourcing and procurement

  • Cyber Risk and threat Assessments

  • Cyber security policy

  • Cyber security standards and compliance

  • Education and awareness


  • Technology and Cyber business consulting

  • Enterprise Architecture

  • Design

  • Implementation

  • Training

Get your business moving in the right direction with Dragonfly’s Advisory and Consulting Services. Contact us now and let us show you how we can begin to shift the needle and make your business thrive in the modern world.