Cyber Resilience

In the modern enterprise as everything shifts and moves towards digital engagement the landscape to provide cyber resiliency widens and makes it much more difficult and complicated to manage if a contemporary approach to the threat landscape is not taken. Traditional approaches to assessing cybersecurity vulnerabilities are not aligned to the pace and rate of change digital transformation is transpiring throughout the modern enterprise. Enterprises need to consider how to keep their environments cyber resilient without stifling innovation.

As a modern enterprise, we need to start considering embedding the cyber approach into the lifecycle and process rather than thinking its an afterthought, the shift to be inclusive in the applications coding and developing process, the execution and deployment and then to the operate and run state. While this approach may use traditional technology capabilities such as secure code reviews, application vulnerabilities assessments and penetration testing the modern approach transform this to be embedded within the architecture and enables scalability and velocity required to achieve cyber resiliency.

Apply Dragonfly’s Modern Approach, to cybersecurity in your business today and securely thrive in the modern world.