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Tired of looking for Industry specific Cybersecurity content?

Look no further, welcome to the Edge.

Edge is your very own personalised central hub of cybersecurity resources specifically curated for your industry 

Key research, practical tools and guidance on current topics are available at your fingertips by accessing the Edge Industry Forum.  Members receive the most current threat intelligence plus immediate access to a range of international leading cyber security experts who are available to contribute and answer member questions via the dedicated online forum.

For many organisations and businesses, the IT budget may not stretch enough to cover in-house security expertise. With this in mind,  Dragonfly Technologies has established an industry-specific Cyber Security Forum to provide your business access to resources and assistance to improve the security posture of your business - designed for immediate implementation and results.

Instead of trawling through endless technical security content that is not relevant to your sector, you will find on point, industry specific curated content in one place.

Whether you are upskilling yourself, your team or your staff, you will find material which will provide practical solutions and simple tips to help you protect your organisation from the ever increasing threat of cybersecurity breaches.

EDGE will provide you with

·         Industry specific, highly curated content relevant to your business sector

·         Ability to upskill yourself in Cybersecurity at your own pace

·         Be able to self improve your organisations security posture

·         Content which can be used to upskill your team and staff in cybersecurity basics

Sign up to access tools that assist with developing a deeper understanding of the cyber security landscape and risks, how to assess types of cyber threats and how to best respond to security incidents.

How the EDGE helps the Customer Owned Banking Sector (COBA) with fintech EDGE

Industry Specific Cybersecurity Forum

Dragonfly Technologies and the Customer Owned Banking Association (COBA)  have teamed together to create a technology space where members can gather industry relevant content that will assist them in improving their security posture over time and at their pace.

Given the pace of technology driven products and services in the customer owned banking sector, it is imperative that the sector becomes skilled in the ever increasingly important cybersecurity space.

If you are a member of the customer owned banking sector you can request your access today.

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