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Companies are faced with multiple barriers and challenges when it comes to communications.

Whether it be employees working from home, resources engaged in meetings or the physical dispersion of staff over multiple locations and countries, these communications challenges can affect your business’ productivity and your ability to capitalise on opportunities if you are without quick responses and feedback.

Dragonfly Networking Professional Services eliminate network complexity and increase optimisation for a flexible, reliable enterprise network that can meet modern business demands.

Develop a Connectivity Strategy

An enterprise connectivity strategy is essential for coping with the demands placed on the modern network – from BYOD, to voice and video over IP, to cloud-based services – the need for network connectivity is growing rapidly. Addressing this need in a strategic manner can help control costs and improve quality of service.

Connectivity strategy consulting services from Dragonfly focus on optimising current resources while creating a plan for accommodating future connectivity needs. Our goal is to understand your current and future business requirements to deliver a strategy that enables you to meet your business objectives and outcomes.

We assess the capacity of your existing links, and taking into account careful capacity planning and your business requirements, we create an enterprise connectivity strategy you can use to plan, deploy, manage, scale and audit your connectivity setup.

Deliver on Architecture & Design

Dragonfly network consultants work with you to understand your current and future requirements thereby deliver a network architecture and design that enables you to meet your business objectives and outcomes.

Complete Implementation & Deployment

An enterprise network consists of many parts that must “talk” to one another in an efficient manner. Implementation can be a complex endeavor that can quickly become overwhelming.

Dragonfly network consultants have extensive experience implementing and deploying enterprise networks. We understand that reliability, security and business continuity are requirements of any network implementation, and that business goals cannot be achieved if the network’s integrity and availability are in question.

So we use tried-and-true processes that reduce implementation errors and ensure a network that is reliable, secure and available.