Meet Our Team

Branko Ninkovic Cybersecurity and Penetration Testing Expert

Branko Ninkovic CEO

Branko is the founder of Dragonfly Technologies and the principal consultant in the growth and development of Dragonfly Technologies products and security services.

Branko’s superior expertise has benefited clients in industries such as healthcare, entertainment, retail, insurance, finance, global systems integrators, audit and accounting firms and federal agencies such as the Australian Federal Police High Tech Crime Operations division.

Branko has a background in security and software development and holds over 25 years’ experience in a broad range of IT management roles and projects. Prior to founding Dragonfly, Branko held both state and senior national management roles across a range of IT disciplines including change management, risk and release management and project management for ASX 100 companies including Macquarie Bank and Brambles Australia.

Semyon Taskin CTO Security Expertise

Semyon Taskin CTO

Semyon is responsible for defining Dragonfly Technologies long-term technology strategy and is the connectivity practice Executive Director. 

Prior to Semyon joining Dragonfly, he worked with global companies and local ASX companies that included Cisco, NBN Co., Dimension Data and Optus. Semyon played a pivotal role in the delivery of critical and complex projects and has worked across a number of industry sectors that include Finance, Insurance, Transportation, Communications and Health Care.  

Semyon’s certifications and product expertise include Cisco, AWS, F5, VMware, FireEye and EMC.

Semyon enjoys mountain biking with his friends and on rare occasions visits the local gym. 

Lucy Khayat Chief Cybersecurity Marketing And Operations Officer

Lucy Khayat CMO/COO

Lucy leads the Dragonfly Technologies service delivery and sales and marketing efforts across all markets and regions. Lucy has a strong background in customer experience and sales and marketing in the pharmaceutical, life sciences and technology industry with over 25 years’ experience in a broad range of sales, sales management, marketing and learning and development roles and projects.

Lucy also heads up VAXXIN8 (a Dragonfly company) as the CEO and has recently returned from San Francisco where she was selected to participate in Australian Federal Government Landing Pad initiative.  Lucy has an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit and brings home with her the agility, innovation and the pioneering ethos that Silicon Valley is internationally renowned for.

Lucy Khayat achieved an MBA from the Macquarie University Graduate School of Management and has a Bachelor of Science.

Aatef Khayat - Cybersecurity Director

Aatef Khayat - Director

Aatef has held several technology advisory and consultancy roles across several large global companies including Optus, Cisco, IBM, Dimension Data, HP and American Express.

Aatef has worked across multiple technology domains and disciplines including enterprise and solution architecture, technology strategy and innovation and business digital enablement. 

Yunona Fateeva Cybersecurity Finance and Administration Officer

Yunona Fateeva 

Yuna has a background in Finance and Administration within Treasury and Retail Banking. Yuna's focus is administration, finance and contract management.  

Yunona holds a Bachelor of Economics.