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Meet Our Team

Branko Ninkovic Cybersecurity and Penetration Testing Expert

Branko Ninkovic (Founder and Executive Director)

Branko has over 20 years' experience specialising in cyber security. 

Branko is known for his innovative and collaborative approach and the key to Branko's success is his ability to develop strong, enduring partnerships which are outcomes driven, providing value to all involved.

In addition, Branko is also the cofounder of healthcare start up, VAXXIN8, a digital platform, whose mission is to protect healthcare workers from vaccination preventable diseases. 

Branko is also a knowledgeable and engaging speaker on cybersecurity and business who has spoken at numerous events including IBM seminars and SAP conferences. Branko is also on the Sydney Executive Chair for the Australian Information Security Association (AISA) which represents over 3000 security professionals nationally. 

Aatef Khayat - Cybersecurity Director

Aatef Khayat (Executive Director)

As Executive Director of Dragonfly Technologies and former Chief Technology Officer of Optus business Aatef brings a wealth of experience working with C-level executives to drive thought leadership into organisations to shape and define their technology and digital strategies.

Prior to this, Aatef held several senior technology advisory and consultancy roles across various fortune 500 companies where he focused on driving business enablement and innovation through development and execution of end to end technology and digital strategies.

Lucy Khayat Chief Cybersecurity Marketing And Operations Officer

Lucy Khayat (COO / CMO) 

Lucy leads the Dragonfly Technologies service delivery and sales and marketing efforts across all markets and regions. Lucy has a strong background in customer experience and sales and marketing in the pharmaceutical, life sciences and technology industry with over 25 years’ experience in a broad range of sales, sales management, marketing and learning and development roles and projects.

Lucy also heads up VAXXIN8 (a Dragonfly company) as the CEO and has recently returned from San Francisco where she was selected to participate in Australian Federal Government Landing Pad initiative.  Lucy has an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit and brings home with her the agility, innovation and the pioneering ethos that Silicon Valley is internationally renowned for.

Lucy Khayat achieved an MBA from the Macquarie University Graduate School of Management and has a Bachelor of Science.


Andrew Bedford (Executive Director)

Andrew Bedford Executive Director of Dragonfly Technologies has a proven track record of over high achievement in sales and client leadership roles, Andrew has extensive experience in developing relationships, understanding clients’ drivers and creating robust sales strategies to deliver outstanding results.

With Over 20 years of sales Expertise, Andrew drives win-win customer experiences and business outcomes by mapping business needs against a wide range of industry trends, security technologies and managed services.