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Cyber attack campaigns are on the rise posing a serious threat to the day-to-day operations of business today and in the future.

The challenges of a constantly evolving threat landscape combined with limited IT budgets and the push for efficiencies in IT initiatives, activates the need for flexible security solutions for types of organisations to address the constantly evolving threat landscape. We know that today’s threat landscape presents attackers many options when looking for hacking vulnerabilities. This combined with the sheer number attack points has led to highly visible breaches reported on a daily basis.

By implementing a centralised security protection solution that collects information wherever it may be found, then converting this information into meaningful knowledge is an indispensable management tool for any business or organisation.

Dragonfly Technologies Security Operations Centre (SOC) offers  comprehensive protection through the availability of dedicated and experienced IT experts and resources. This enables your business to execute against their security strategy or offload the burden of managing complex security tools. We can offer tactical support that allows your organisation to outsource certain areas of your security operations in a cost-effective manner.

How can your organisation remain on top?

How can your organisation remain on top of this ongoing threat whilst accomplishing more with less budget?

This is where our Managed Security Services (MSS) can reduce the burden and cost of your business’s data protection and compliance, and offers peace of mind around security protection.

Our (SOC) will not only provide security device monitoring and alerting but also advanced threat detection and real time incident response, containment and remediation. The security lifecycle is completely covered from detection to containment to remediation ensuring your business networks, applications and data are completely secure.

A expertly designed and highly effective Security Operations Centre

A expertly designed and highly effective SOC will assist your business every step of the way by:

·       Identifying when an attack starts

·       Highlighting who is attacking

·       Identifying who is the attack being conducted

·       Creating containment to the incursion

·       Providing intelligence on what data or systems are being compromised

Can you effectively implement, manage & maintain your own SOC?

Can your business effectively implement, manage and maintain your own security systems in-house?

Of course this is possible, but your business will need to find significant capital, licensing and maintenance costs to do so.  A superior IT and security knowledge plus time is required to manage these systems effectively but this does tend to enormously burden your in-house IT staff.

The key is finding an MSS provider like Dragonfly Technologies to provide cost-effective pricing, specialised expertise and support for the existing technology infrastructure of your business.

What our SOC service can provide you

Security Operations Centre - Stay Ahead of the Threats

Stay Ahead of the Threats

Stay ahead of emerging threats and ensure the availability of the necessary expertise for incident response and remediation.

Access our comprehensive report packed with insights and actionable recommendations.

Gain intelligence into the cyber threat landscape and stay ahead of cyber criminals, hacktivists, and issue motivated groups.

Security Operations Centre Helps you Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

Reduce the high costs associated with hiring, training, and managing security personnel.

Save resources by ensuring that your staff responds only to validated incidents.

Reduce costs through implementing effective standardisation. Our operational efficiencies ensures that we continuously drive costs down through improved processes and procedures.

Security Operations Centre Improving Productivity

Improve Productivity

Access a scalable and flexible solution from an organisation that is able to implement granular policy enforcement.

Free key staff and direct senior skills towards higher level activities.

Effectively manage incidents and remediation tasks to ensure that the recovery is successful, fast, aligned with processes, and well documented. 

Aligning Security and Strategy using a Security Operations Centre

Align Security and Strategy

Ensure expenditure is directed towards protecting your most valuable information assets through a comprehensive risk and prioritisation approach.

Make the most of your investment and only invest in tools that align with clear policies and goals.

Simplifying Compliance with a Security Operations Centre

Simplify Compliance

Enable your organisation to achieve operational excellence in information security and keep up to date with complex and continuously changing compliance requirements.

Dragonfly is uniquely positioned to service and protect the security operations of your business - we correlate vast streams of intelligence available and connect all the possibilities between incidents and threats existing on any type of information system. We then successfully integrate the people and processes to become an extension the security operations team in your business.

Our team of experts has acquired years of experience managing the security requirement of many high profile clients. We make certain our clients have a smooth and well-documented SOC management that safeguards the continuity of all security operations.