You’ve made it this far! Now you want to know why, what’s different and why is Dragonfly’s Modern Approach is the way to go?

The Modern Approach helps modern business in today's fast-paced and ever-changing world. Dragonfly is about less about disparate systems and more about connecting and protecting people, devices, social networks and future workforce.

Who do you want on your side? We believe in great people who know technology, security and enterprise IT- a team that that knows how to protect, connect and simplify, how businesses work in a modern world.

Our team from the top down are expert practitioners in our fields... in fact without bragging; collectively the leadership team have over 80 years’ experience in the technology game - we have seen it all. Most importantly we have seen what business want and need in the modern world.

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As we catapult into the modern world, security, cyber awareness and cyber resilience have never been more critical to modern businesses. Dragonfly’s grassroots way back in 2006 was founded on a two-factor authentication need - and we have continued to be at the forefront of the industry. Whether it is advisory on complex issues such as APRA CPS234 or ISO27001 compliance, to help with a firewall configuration or pen testing your latest website - our expert practitioners take an end to end view of your environment and execute with precision!


Gone are the days of 9-5, of clocking into the office and turning up to your desk and seeing your work sitting in the in-tray. In today’s modern world everything and everyone is connected. Dragonfly builds out the fabric of the modern business’s connectivity requirements.

If it’s an enterprise-wide IT strategy for your business, building out and delivering an IOT network to connect into the business for faster smarter business decisions or simply connecting to the cloud, our team are ready and waiting to connect you to the modern world.


We don’t just say AI and ML - we use it. We design, we review and build out actionable insights into your modern business using automation, self-healing and smart secure networks.

Using automation within the Modern Business - We make things go faster, smoother or cheaper - like removing the complexity of Firewall rules or automating the IT environment to deliver a self-service portal to the workplace of the future.

At Dragonfly we are always willing to help - we are focused firmly on on client outcomes, no job is too small or too big for our team. Reach out now and discover how Dragonfly’s Modern Approach can help accelerate your business in today’s modern world.