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Security Principles Software Developers Should Follow

Security Principles Software Developers Should Follow

Having our heads buried in application security most days, we find that if you are not careful, you can get very technical about application security and forget about the people, money, risk and business priorities side of security. Let me explain that for a moment. Like in everything in life, security is also not black and white, rather shades of grey – what may be perfectly adequate in one scenario may be a big no, no in another. 

The 5 Knows - Securing your Data

The 5 Knows - Securing your Data

We all know that there is much that can be done to improve an organisation's Cyber Security posture but it can be overwhelming when you look at the big picture. We see this everyday. As we work with our clients, for those who are at the start of their their journey, we try to instill the importance good cybersecurity posture and why cyber should be a live conversation across all levels of the organisation, from the board, right through to the coalface. 

Severe Security Vulnerability - Apache Struts


Apache Struts


Security researchers at have discovered a critical remote code execution vulnerability in Apache Struts — a popular open-source framework for developing web applications in the Java programming language. All versions of Struts since 2008 are affected; all web applications using the framework’s popular REST plugin are vulnerable. Users are advised to upgrade their Apache Struts components as a matter of urgency. This vulnerability has been addressed in Struts version 2.5.13.
Affected developers are urged to upgrade to Apache Struts version 2.5.13.
The flaw was reported to Apache Struts developers in July, with a patched version of the framework released today.

Recommendation - 

Upgrade Immediately

Apache Struts version 2.5.13


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