Our History

Dragonfly Technologies Pty Ltd was established in 2005 with the launch of fireflyMobile with a clear mission: to successfully secure the technology applications and information for Australian companies to provide peace of mind along every transaction.

The company has since grown to become the trusted name in information security and networking services for many of Australia’s top organisations and government agencies.

Our valued customers are often medium-to-large organisations from a range of industries and sectors including government, banking and finance, telecommunications, healthcare, retail and entertainment. 

Over the years, our team of IT security experts has worked with many customers to ensure vast improvements across their security posture, risk reduction, and quality connections through leading edge and innovative technologies. 

We are a team of passionate, experienced and dedicated information security and networking professionals who bring a powerful wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple – we aim to be the trusted cyber security partner that protects and connects your business.
Our knowledge and experience of the information security minefield provides our clients with the capabilities to stay ahead of emerging threats, and enables them to interpret and manage security events. 

Dragonfly Technologies offers superior protection to our clients from all types of sophisticated cyber-attacks.

Dragonfly Technologies works and to help our clients design, build and deploy leading-edge network solutions. 
The key to our success is the dedication and commitment we constantly provide to all our customers.